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@AHiltonWine Also a reminder: We have Andrew from Vino Al Vino here for a tasting on Thursday evening, and we still have a few tickets left.

@AHiltonWine For all you burgundy lovers out there, we have a new producer hitting the shelves today, including a Chassagne-Mont… https://t.co/hhJSj35fMM

@AHiltonWine Tonight’s Free Friday Whisky Tasting brings the peat!!! We’re starting off somewhat gentle with a pair of delicate… https://t.co/1Qs9jfQNly

@AHiltonWine RT @CHdestinationA: #ThirstyThursday - who is ready to taste the craft beer craftings of @blindmanbrewery at this year's 2019 Wine in the H…

@AHiltonWine TOMORROW! Free Friday Whiskey Tastings return for the 2019 season! We are opening with a bang, featuring 6 fabulous… https://t.co/xQXZMUngjU

@AHiltonWine Very exciting wine event coming up this weekend! https://t.co/GHe7HOs0m0

@AHiltonWine This just in! We are now carrying 3 beers from @estbrew from #yyc, NEPA, NEIPA, and a very tasty Pink Guava Sour. G… https://t.co/AsnLUFC4NT

@AHiltonWine Tonight’s Free Friday Tasting: Two themes in one; Aussie Natural Wines, Petit Verdot, and one wine that is both. D… https://t.co/wkInneBOBR

@AHiltonWine As the calendar turns to September, Pumpkin beer season begins! First ones of the season just arrived, from… https://t.co/JqmiIsQWcI

@AHiltonWine Back for more! The 2016 Dominio de Tares Cepas Viejas Mencia just rolled in the doors, and we’re pretty excited! A… https://t.co/O0p2xqEeY8

@AHiltonWine Better early than late! Our fall Cooper’s Choice shipment showed up most a month early, but we aren’t complaining!… https://t.co/B85x6Txct9

@AHiltonWine Open today - We have orders and payroll to do, so stop by and save us from boredom.