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@AHiltonWine Awesome new brew. So excited to have it on our shelves! https://t.co/keG5Y8KpQV

@AHiltonWine Hey folks! We have a Scotch Tasting coming up on Tuesday, February 4th at 7:00PM featuring Andrew Laing if Hunter L… https://t.co/rfFxwP1gcI

@AHiltonWine Tonight’s Free Friday Tasting lineup: New Italian arrivals, plus a couple of brand new spirit releases by… https://t.co/3tC0JHnjc7

@AHiltonWine RT @blindmanbrewery: Super Mild is our newest brew. A crushable 3.4% mild with the perfect amount of roast and malt character. 14 diffe…

@AHiltonWine Pouring wine, beer, eggnog, and mulled wine at New Hope YQL from 12-6 today. Come grab some Christmas Cheer and che… https://t.co/aVkelqo4dl

@AHiltonWine The VineBox “12 Nights of Wine” has just arrived. 12 perfectly sealed 100mL glass bottles of wine from across Europ… https://t.co/2dy1mEDLJs

@AHiltonWine Beaujolais Nouveau Day has arrived, and unless you are utterly dour and humourless , this is still one of the most… https://t.co/DX3wk2Fiv6

@AHiltonWine Finally!!! Single Malt Whisky Section cleaned up and reorganized... you lovely folks have kept us BUSY keeping this… https://t.co/bKm21XTf76

@AHiltonWine Also a reminder: We have Andrew from Vino Al Vino here for a tasting on Thursday evening, and we still have a few tickets left.

@AHiltonWine For all you burgundy lovers out there, we have a new producer hitting the shelves today, including a Chassagne-Mont… https://t.co/hhJSj35fMM

@AHiltonWine Tonight’s Free Friday Whisky Tasting brings the peat!!! We’re starting off somewhat gentle with a pair of delicate… https://t.co/1Qs9jfQNly

@AHiltonWine RT @CHdestinationA: #ThirstyThursday - who is ready to taste the craft beer craftings of @blindmanbrewery at this year's 2019 Wine in the H…