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@AHiltonWine A reminder that we are closed this evening at 6:00PM for our SOLD OUT Juice Imports Tasting! Thank you all for help… https://t.co/b7KnUwjkAb

@AHiltonWine Domaine Piron-Lameloise Chenas Quartz is back on the shelf! We had been holding this very limited wine back for a r… https://t.co/M3YFkfiqG0

@AHiltonWine Is the best sub-$30 Pinot Noir in the store... Austrian? Yes. Yes it really is! https://t.co/AVqsNeEpyn

@AHiltonWine Arriving Friday: 100% Chenin Blanc Loire Valley Natural Pet-Nat. And it’s going to be under $40 a bottle! So excite… https://t.co/FurnWn00N1

@AHiltonWine A dedicated section, just for orange wines? Things are changing around here.... https://t.co/raucTKNZPA

@AHiltonWine Brand New! From the new (Founded 2007) Ailsa Bay Distillery, this is the first of the new wave of Lowland Distiller… https://t.co/Lk5dqHlQD6

@AHiltonWine To the anonymous saint who had pizza dropped for for everyone today: Thank you so much! You made Christmas a lot brighter for all of us!

@AHiltonWine Now if 54 year old Rioja, and Beaujolais Nouveau aren’t your taste... How about the Wine Spectator Wine of the Year… https://t.co/eEi6Fcfv2P

@AHiltonWine On the other end of the age scale: We got our 2018 Beaujolais Nouveau today as well! Duboeuf Gamay Nouveau and Drou… https://t.co/oq6qK5foTv

@AHiltonWine Can’t really call these *new* wines, being as old as they are - but we brought 6 bottles each of these gems in just… https://t.co/pMk5XN2cF3

@AHiltonWine One of my very favourite wines in the store is back in stock, with a brand new vintage. 80% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot,… https://t.co/kEgu3MQO3Z

@AHiltonWine This Free Friday Wine Tasting: Spain! https://t.co/XAHcZNHrEn